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Ранкові ведучі ТРК "Львів" щоранку заряджають Вас добрим настроєм на весь день. Зробити це вони можуть і на Вашому святі. Творчий дует у складі чарівних ведучих Мар‘яни Романяк та Марти Дрозди утворюють вибухову суміш, яка доповнить Ваш особливий день.

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-концерт та інші важливі дати у Вашому житті


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Негайно задекларуйте всі свої доходи вул.Стрийська 35, каб. 345, тел. 2973222, 2973685

wotoadgi 04.09.2015

Our family is in deep disbelief and crippled with sadness and would like to ask for privacy, the statement read.
The family said both Carol and Greig were adored by family and friends and loved life.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop delivers a statement on the Australian victims of the Germanwings plane crash to Parliament on Wednesday. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

They were both extraordinary and exceptional people who were loved by many, who they loved in return. 
They will forever be with us in our hearts, memories and dreams.  
Mrs Friday was a registered nurse, midwife and maternal and child health nurse and her family said she had most recently worked for the city of Casey.
Mr Friday had studied at Monash University and had since worked for engineering firm Jacobs as an acoustic engineer.
Carol was a loving mother of two, a devoted wife to her husband Dave and a sister to three brothers. She celebrated her 68th birthday on March 23rd, the statement continued.
She was a talented artist and enjoyed spending time creating with her local art group. She loved to travel and has seen many of the world's greatest sights.
Carol loved life. She enjoyed every minute with her family and friends.
Mr Friday would have celebrated his 30th birthday on April 23.
The family said he was a loving son to Carol and Dave and an exceptional brother to his sister Alex.
He was adored by all of his family and friends.
He also loved to travel and had just completed a course for teaching English as a foreign language, which he was hoping to do in France in the coming year.
Greig was a man who loved others and life with a full heart.
Ms Bishop told the Parliament the Australian officials were working with the French authorities to determine whether any other Australians citizens, dual nationals or permanent residents were on board the flight.
She said the recovery operation underway was a challenging task given the remote location seven kilometres from the nearest road and at an altitude of about 1600 metres.
Ms Bishop said Australian consular officials had established a mobile office nearby from where they would liaise with French authorities.
She said it was premature to speculate on what had caused the terrible incident.
Relevant authorities will under take the relevant investigation, she said.
Lufthansa is working on the thought that it's an accident. When the black box is analysed this will hopefully provide more answers. Australia will of course assist in any way possible.