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Весільна відеозйомка "GVI studio"
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Додав: Goshovsky Адреса: Львів тел: 0997509333 0938626026 E-mail: gvi.studio@i.ua Сайт: www.gvi.com.ua
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Ми команда молодих творчих людей яка займається олюбленою справою і постійно вдосконалює свої знання, навики та технічне оснащення для виготовлення кінопродукту найвищого рівня.

Знімаємо в якості FullHDнайсучаснішим професійним обладнанням.

Більше Вам розкажуть наші роботи:)

Приємного перегляду!


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bfmfqbjzgem 24.03.2014

Our cabins are nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. Solely an hour and 45 minutes form Northern Virginia. We're the perfect spot in your trip get-away! A cabin rental at Linville River Log Cabins is a superb "base" from which you'll be able to enjoy all the activities provided by the High Country of Western North Carolina. This includes enjoying within the water at the Linville River Log Cabins, mountaineering, biking, snowboarding, snowboarding, exploring the Western NC Points of interest, and nearly anything you may be searching for.

Within the current-day United States, settlers may have first constructed log cabins in 1638. Historians believe that the first log cabins built in North America were in the Swedish colony of Nya Sverige ( New Sweden ) in the Delaware River and Brandywine River valleys. A lot of its colonists had been actually Forest Finns , because Finland was controlled by Sweden at the moment. The Swedish colony solely lasted a few many years earlier than http://domkirekreacyjne.com.pl/oferta/domki-rekreacyjne/szafir-5x4/ - tani domek it was absorbed by the Dutch colony of New Netherland , which was quickly absorbed by the English. Many of the descendants of the Swedish-Finnish colony are believed to have stayed in North America. quotation wanted.

Log cabins had been constructed with either a purlin roof structure or a rafter roof structure. A purlin roof consists of horizontal logs which can be notched into the gable-wall logs. The latter are progressively shortened to kind the attribute triangular gable end. The steepness of the roof was decided by the discount in size of each gable-wall log as well as the whole number of gable-wall logs. Flatter roofed cabins might have had only 2 or three gable-wall logs while steeply pitched roofs might need had as many gable-wall logs as a full story. Points related to eave overhang and a porch additionally influenced the layout of the cabin.

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